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I ordered a Mylar Bit from on Jan 16th.On Jan 30th I called them because not only had I not received my $150 bit, but they had not sent me a shipping conformation.

I was told that it would ship out the following day, that they had it there, packaged and ready to go. By that Friday, still no conformation email. Feb 6th (following Monday) I received an email asking me which bit I wanted between two which are similar, but do NOT share the same name or code number AND telling me that the bit I ordered was on back order. I called them, and was told that they had called me 'right after you ordered', and that someone else must have answered the phone when I said I had never been called.

NO ONE touches my phone, much less answers it. I was informed that my bit was 'back ordered at the distributor', which is impossible because I had the distributor's website pulled up at the time, and they have plenty. Also, the supposed arrival of the 'back order' was well after PayPal's 45 day dispute limit. I cancelled my order, and asked for an immediate refund to my account.

I was sent an email, which Gmail labeled false, with a false PayPal conformation number.

I promptly filed a dispute with PayPal.Do NOT purchase from this company!

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The bit you ordered was a 89-31315 and they also make a 89-L31315.Those two bits are very similar but one is a Lynn McKenzie.

The price on that bit is $124.99. You can go on the distributor site and they wont tell you how many bits they have in stock. The bit was back ordered and we informed you we would ship it when it came it. You chose to ask for a refund and we did.

The confirmation was sent that paypal had refunded your account. I dont think paypal sends false emails.

Please stick to the facts when making statements as above.We have over 280 myler bits in stock

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